Changing My Snapchat Username?


So, after searching all over the internet, i have found no working solution to changing my username. Its not that i need simple directions, but that i need to know what website i need to go to or what steps i need to take. please be specific, thanks

So annoying, but you can’t!

the FAQ’s say this:
"How can I change my username?
Your username serves as a unique identifier for your account and cannot be changed."

Change snapchat username?


Can I change my snapchat user name or is it impossible?

It’s impossible.. It sucks but you have to make a completely new email and account in order to have a new username
Snapchat usernames?????????


I’m 13 year old girl and I just got a snapchat any guys willing I put up there username
E thanks? If u put ure snapchat username how do I find u on the app itself? I just want someone to talk to thanks. No mean answers

Snapchat already has a terrible reputation as a sexchat more than anything else, depending whom you talk to. As a 13 year old girl, however, you should be aware of this from the start and even if you decide to go forward with your decision to meet folks there, please be careful and sure not to give anyone your personal information.

At the first sign of inappropriateness I’d suggest you drop that conversation immediately and if this sort of thing repeats itself too much it would be reasonable to assume the rumors are true and that the site isn’t really what you were looking for.


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